We know that you care about your ink, which is why you have questions. These are some of the most frequently asked questions by our tattoo artists and the artists and collectors who use our products to keep their ink looking fresh.

What is Organink?

Organink is the brand name for a line of products dedicated to helping tattoo collectors and artists keep their ink in pristine condition. Organink products all address a common need related to tattoos: soothing skin, healing skin, cleaning skin, and preserving or restoring the lustrous glow of new and old ink.

What does Organink tattoo butter do?

  • Tattoo butter - Our original product, you can use Deluxe as a tattooing glide, tattoo aftercare, or as a daily moisturizer.
  • Cleansing Soap - This is an antimicrobial soap that is gentler than green soap or harsh antiseptics.

How Do I Apply Organink tattoo butter? How Often?

Organink tattoo butter can be applied with a small spoon or a recently washed fingertip. Dab a small amount on the tattoo and rub it in small circles. All of our products are made from natural ingredients, but if you have an allergic reaction to one of the ingredients, discontinue use.

How Much Organink tattoo butter Should I Use?

There is no way for you to “over-nourish” your skin with Organink tattoo Butter products, and they are made to be applied liberally. There’s no need to waste it, though. Use enough to cover the desired area as often as you like. Use a thin layer of Organink tattoo butter to cover your tattoo.

How Long Should I Use Organink tattoo butter?

You or your artist should begin using Organink Tattoo Butter before you begin the tattoo session to pretreat the skin. Afterward, your tattoo care regimen should involve treating your tattoo with Organink Tattoo Butter.

How Long Will a Tub of Organink tattoo butter last?

It depends on how big your tattooed areas are and how often you apply it to them. For most people, a 150ML tub of Organink tattoo butter will last about three months if you apply them daily.

Tattoo Care

How Long Does it Take a Tattoo to Heal?

Like so many other things in life, it varies. The fact of the matter is that tattooing damages the skin — gloriously — but it takes time to heal properly. The visible healing will occur over the next two to three weeks, but the dermis can take as long as six months. That’s why it’s essential that you give the skin the nutrients it requires to rebuild. Organink tattoo butter is an organic, vegan product that encourages skin healing.

How Do I Take Care of My Tattoo?

Definitely consult your artist about how to care for a tattoo, but in case you forgot the instructions, here are some basics. Tattoo care during the first few days is crucial to avoid infection. Use a natural, moisturizing, antimicrobial soap to keep your tattoo clean. We recommend our ORGANINK aftercare products because we know the exact ingredients and how they’re sourced. Rinse the product off, dab dry with a paper towel or regular towel, and apply Organink tattoo butter to promote moisturization and healing. You can continue using these products indefinitely to properly maintain your tattoo. Do not apply sunscreen on your tattoo until it's fully healed.

How Do I Clean My Tattoo?

To use Organink Cleansing soap product, apply them to the tattooed area, scrub for 30 seconds, rinse, and pat dry. Be gentle with your art, especially with new ink. Apply a thin layer of Organink tattoo butter to the tattooed area to condition the skin.

How Often Should I Wash My Tattoo?

We recommend washing a new tattoo two times a day to eliminate the risk of infection and as part of the healing process. Of course, once the skin is healed, you can wash your tattoo as often as wash the rest of your body.

If you have a question about tattoo care or any of products, contact us so we can add your FAQ to the list.